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Privacy Policy

The SMS Food Station ordering & related process is completely confidential. All details about the client are never sold to third party. Information obtained from the customer is either through phone, website or facility of email. Information which we gather from our clients is to maintain a database of all the customers. The customer should be of age 18 years and above to give information and in no way is under any influence for the same.

To ensure service completion from our side, SMS Food Station may or may not provide the details to third parties for promotion of food order and any other requirement. SMS Food Station will also disclose the information to third party in cases where it becomes essential to comply with the necessary laws in protecting the safety of SMS Food Station and its clients.

Privacy policy ensures that your online privacy is respected along with other details shared with the company.


After the acceptance of the privacy policy, you adhere to the terms and conditions of the company and offer your consent to the use as well as disclosure of your personal information and details.

In accordance to the transactions, no money transactions occur directly through the company. All payment procedures direct our clients to a third party gateway. Hence, the company is not liable for any damage or loss of client's personal information. Likewise, the company is not liable for loss of any type of personal information related to the account details or information related to the use of credit or debit card of the users.